>> Which OS do I use?


Since I wrote about systemd a few weeks back, I have been looking out for an operating system that I truly love, that is without systemd whatsoever. My ideal specifications involved a philosophy that is close to BSD’s, with a focus on stable software and exhaustive documentation, while being reasonable modern so that I do not run into incompability issues, and a couple of minor points (like I prefer git over svn). After looking and testing for a while, going through half the list on without systemd, I found the Manjaro OpenRC spin.

Manjaro is an Arch-based distribution, that replicates the Arch repositories in such a way, that there is a current branch that closely follows the Arch ones, and a stable branch that is, well, more stable. At the moment I am running Linux 3.18. It also uses pacman, which is one of the best binary package managers I have ever used, and only clearly superseded by Gentoo’s portage.

While you can use OpenRC, the in my eyes currently best init-system on Linux, on Arch, doing so will result in major breakages, which is not exactly what one would consider “stable”. In the end, I have used enough cutting-edge software and just want something that works with minimal maintenance. Manjaro is just what I want. It is stable while not too old for me to run into any issues, can use the AUR, has git-based repositories, and can run on OpenRC/eudev/syslog-ng/lightdm/other software which has been replaced and/or eaten by systemd.

The point of this post is merely to tell you, if you are interested in this sort of thing, check it out. It is more practical that *BSD or Gentoo, and Void Linux has been a bit hit and miss in my personal experience.