Robin Schroer


2011 – 2013 » Freelance DevOps @ Peerwire

I started my career doing IT freelancing for smaller companies, providing various services like full-stack website management and building custom internal software.

Technologies: Python & Django, MySQL, Apache, C#

February 2014 – December 2015 » Co-Founder & DevOps @ Notdienste

In 2014 I cofounded a startup around marketing in magazines for small businesses. I built a full-stack platform to go to market, and we ended up selling the company to one of the established larger companies in the business.

Technologies: Python & Django & DRF, MySQL, Nginx, AWS, Stripe

April 2016 – November 2016 » Backend Developer @ Ablescent

After a short hiatus to work on some side projects, I joined Ablescent as the second developer, working full-time remote. I took ownership over the backend and built it up in close collaboration with the frontend team and the product owner.

Technologies: Python & Django & DRF, MySQL, Nginx, AWS

January 2017 – March 2019 » Senior Backend Developer @ Ostmodern

In 2017 I moved to London to join Ostmodern, working on the backend for their multimedia CMS Skylark. In January 2018 I was promoted to senior level and took over leadership of the core API framework, along with several supporting services, leading a team of up to five developers. In late 2018 I decided to move to Amsterdam and switched to a remote role.

Technologies: Python & Django & DRF, Elixir & Phoenix, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Nginx, Docker, AWS

March 2019 – Current » Staff Software Engineer @ CircleCI

In early 2019 I joined CircleCI in a fully remote position and found many new challenges while working on the system that manges job execution.

Technologies: Clojure, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Docker & Kubernetes & Helm, AWS, GCP

Side Projects

Because I have been using UNIX-based operating systems for most of my life, and I consider myself a power user, I have built some desktop software:

  • FrankenWM Dynamic X11 tiling windowmanager (C/XCB)
  • Feed2Maildir Maildir-based feedreader (Python)
  • hmenu CLI fuzzy finder and launcher (Haskell)

When I was starting out I was interested in video games and considered a career in the game industry, so I built a couple of projects in that space:

  • dgame Rudimentary OpenGL 3D engine (D/SDL)
  • glow Advanced Pong (Haskell/OpenGL)
  • farm Browser farming game (Clojurescript/re-frame/Reagent/React)
  • Floppy Bird Flappy bird clone made in 2 hours (Clojure/Quill)
  • hGM Web-based game master organisation tool (Haskell/Yesod)
  • textpy Framework for text adventures (Python)

I have also for a long time been interested in networks and infrastructure, so a built a lot of projects around this:

  • hcached Memcached-compatible network hash table (Haskell)
  • Medusa Nagios-compatible monitoring system (Python)
  • GoFuse Query circuit breaker (Go)
  • Nozdormu Python benchmarking suite
  • Danketsu Microservice communication service (Go)
  • Elena Dynamic status API (Python/Flask)

In 2018 I decided to broaden my horizon, and developed two versions of an iOS app:


Other Technologies

  • Emacs Lisp - Because I use Emacs (with vim shortcuts) for basically everything
  • Git - Everything I do is version controlled
  • Hakyll - My blog is built using a quite elaborate Hakyll setup
  • HTML/CSS/JS - Even as a backend developer you always write some
  • LaTeX - The PDF version of this CV is generated using LaTeX
  • Linux kernel - I have sucessfully submitted smaller patches to the Linux kernel


  • German - Fluent
  • English - Fluent
  • French - Basic
  • Dutch - Basic
  • Japanese - Basic