1. >> Embrace the REPL


    As some of you may be aware, the tool of my choice is vim (or neovim). Two of the languages I write a lot in are Haskell and Python, because both of these languages are very nice to quickly prototype something in. Both of these languages also feature what is …

  2. >> Haskell Flood Fills


    Over the past two days, I played a bit with the hackthe.computer contest. It is a contest with a couple of problems/tasks where you have one week to write up the best solutions in terms of speed. Part of the difficulty comes from the fact, that you push …

  3. >> Solving Sudokus


    So, here is more Haskell from me, because I really like it. This time around, I wrote a small and simple sudoku solver. Sudokus are really nice little puzzles that involve a partially filled 9x9 grid containing numbers from one to nine. The objective is to fill it following these …

  4. >> A fuzzy finder in Haskell


    This is a response to FuzzyFinder - in 10 lines of Python, which was posted to reddit yesterday.

    Following the blogpost linked above, I decided to write my own fuzzy finder in Haskell, because that is the language I am currently learning, and think has great potential. It is also a …

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