1. >> Why I use Pomodoro


    Almost every programmer knows what it means to get in the zone. That weird feeling you get at two in the morning while working on a side-project, when the the time flies by and suddenly all important features are done. Mastering the zone is a crucial element of maximizing your …

  2. >> Data-Pipelines in Haskell


    Today I was writing some code in Golang and thought about why Haskell feels so much more powerful and expressive. Then I had a revelation. Haskell follows the UNIX philosophy, focussing on small functions that do exactly one thing (at least good Haskell code does so). It also makes these …

  3. >> Concurrent I/O in Haskell


    Today just after waking up, I have been tweaking the last bits and bops of TinfoilSub, a satiric fun/learning project of mine that scrapes YouTube channels to replicate a subscriptions page without requiring a Google account. The core of this little program is the runServer function that uses Scotty …

  4. >> Windows 10: Post-Launch Thoughts


    So it has been two weeks since the official Windows 10 launch, and there have been a lot of discussions about it. I am going to summarize some of my own thoughts, now that I had the chance to test it myself.

    Windows 10 is the newest and supposedly last …

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