>> Getting rid of Flash


I started using the HTML5-Player on YouTube, because Flash kept breaking fullscreen, and I have not found a single video not supporting HTML5 in over a month, so I would consider Flash-less YouTube a valid option. I also discovered that Vimeo uses a pretty nice HTML5 player on their site, thus not requiring Flash. And given that Adobe basically said “Suck it, Linux, we won’t support you guys properly, have fun with 11.2 and security fixes”, plus the fact that flash is draining huge amount of resources and is a possible security risk, I asked myself, why do I need it anyway?

The answer was somewhat surprising: I don’t. Flash has always only been useful for videostreaming, flashgames and intrusive ads. I can live without flashgames and ads, and with YouTube and Vimeo out of the way the only site left I occasionally use Flash on is Twitch.tv. Livestreamer. Extracts the RTMP stream and pipes it to a video player of your choice, like VLC. I have been using irssi instead of the obnoxious and slow webchat for quite a while now and it seems like I only have to visit the website to figure out who I like is streaming. This enabled me to disable (cough) the Flash plugin alltogether.