1. >> Failing and the startup game


    I have now lived in the startup sphere for several years, and I have seen startups succeed beyond anyone’s expectations and it just now happens that I see a startup fall short of its goals and essentially die. I’m not going to name anything or anyone specific, mainly …

  2. >> Staying healthy as a programmer


    Disclaimer In this post I link to some specific products. These links serve as examples and are by no means direct reccomendations. Some of these are just the result of a quick web search. If you decide to buy stuff, do your research, figure out what exactly you need and …

  3. >> Emacs From a Vim Addict’s Perspective


    I have been playing around in Emacs lately. Vim has been the core of my workflow for half a decade now, and I just cannot imagine going back to non-modal editing anymore. I will now explain, why I might just switch to emacs in the long-term.

    If you compare Emacs …

  4. >> Why you need fuzz testing


    Unittesting is an important part of building reliable software, although by far not the only one. But many programmers misunderstand the purpose of unittests. Classic unittests have two purposes: They force you to develop a spec and enforce it, and they can protect you against regression when refactoring or otherwise …

  5. >> Can Software Die?


    Software can be classified as alive. Not using the Wikipedia definition of alive, because that requires biological processes, but philosophically seen software is kind of like a living organism. There are constant changes as the software evolves, adapts to environmental changes and grows new features.

    But what if it stops …

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